Sunday, September 11, 2016 is the 15th Anniversary of the  blatant attack on American soil by cowardly Muslim extremists.  We vow to remember that day, honor those whose lives were sacrificed, honor the first responders and stand UNITED against America’s enemies.  Old Glory will fly 24/7, 365 days a year!

6:30PM the Borderline band will kick off the festivities with good ol country music and everyone will be encouraged to sing along and dance beneath God’s magnificent star-filled Southwestern sky and a 5000 sq. ft.,  red, white and blue symbol of America affectionately known as “Old Glory”.  Wear your boots, wave your hats and sing at the top of your voice. Do you know why?  Because we CAN!  And we need to celebrate that freedom.  God Bless America!  Larry Chavez and the Borderline band has invited guests artists Tim Thompson, Chas Thomas, Ron Guthrie, Cliff Seaman and others to help entertain and get you to scooting’ them boots. Be ready for an evening to remember.  Bring family and friends, a lawn chair and a cooler.  (no alcohol or glass please)

While you’re there, would you take some time to walk around the Old Glory Memorial Flag Site?  Show your children the magnificent, donated memorials that honor patriots who have sacrificed for our country.  Tell them your own personal heartfelt stories of loved ones and friends who have been a part of America’s challenges then instill a love and pride for America that will encourage them to shout: “GOD BLESS AMERICA”.  Give them a couple of dollars to donate to Flags Across America so that we can keep Old Glory flying and maintain the flag site for all to enjoy.  The Flags Across America El Paso organization and the Old Glory Memorial Flag Site are maintained by volunteers and work done is made possible by the donations of generous American who realize the importance of our site.  We encourage YOU to get involved.

Blacksmith BBQ will be thereFlag_Day35 to offer that good ol mouthwatering, tongue tangling, belly filling American treat known as Bar-B-Que and we’ll have popcorn and snow cones available for the kids.

Don’t miss it.  Sunday, Sept.11 6:30Pm.  Be a part of our community and join with us as we celebrate America and the American Way of Life.     GOD BLESS AMERICA


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