Sponsor-a-Brick Simply print it out and fill it in.

El Paso Texas Flags Across America has initiated the “Old Glory Memorial” (OGM) Sponsor A Brick Program. All proceeds will be used to build the “Old Glory Memorial” (OGM) and provide continuous maintenance for the existing facility.

Download Laser Brick Order Form
Sponsor a personalized brick bearing your name or that of your designee (such as children, grandchildren, parents…) or as a memorial tribute to a fallen Soldier, family member or friend. El Paso Texas Flags Across America will laser engrave personalized bricks placed at the foot of the “Old Glory Memorial” (OGM). Brick sponsorship funding offsets the cost of maintenance of the flag site on US 54 and Diana. Your contribution is tax-deductible.

Click hereĀ  to access the laser brick order form. Simply print it out and fill it in. Each brick is sponsored for $100.00. POW/MIA engraved bricks are provided free of charge. For these special bricks, print and fill in the order form and mail to El Paso Texas Flags Across America. The mailing address is listed on the form. You may order as many bricks as you desire. Each sponsored brick requires a contribution of $100.00 or more. Bricks will be engraved upon receipt of your donation, and will be available for viewing approximately 3 weeks after your order is received.

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